Privacy is super important to me. It's not about what you have to hide, it's about trust and respect. Basic human rights shouldn't require justification, and they deserve to be defended even when it's inconvenient or not profitable to do so.

As such, my website has no third-party trackers, analytics, or social widgets. This website does not collect any identifying information from you or metadata about you. I don't know how many visitors my site gets, where they come from, or what they do on my site.

I am using affiliate links on my journal, It Kinda Works, for Amazon and eBay product listings. They are benign unless you click them, and you can use browsers like Safari or Firefox and extensions like 1Blocker and uBlock Origin to protect your privacy to an extent on those external sites.

If you have questions or comments regarding privacy on my site, you can send me a note.

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