Wells is a product designer and tinkerer, currently principal designer at Snapdocs


It Kinda Works
My journal of technical projects and experiments—from hacking Sonos hardware and iPods to creating the perfect workspace
Thoughts and ideas from practicing designers and design industry leaders, brought to you by Snapdocs Design
The Smarter Workplace
A film collaboration between Envoy and Oddfellows that imagines a brighter workplace future powered by good design and new technology
Envoy Design
Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo
A well-rounded flash briefing in your inbox every Sunday. Fomo is a little newsletter about what's new and interesting in media and culture
Envoy Deliveries
Manage your office's incoming deliveries. Save time, make the most of your space, and avoid package pile up with Envoy Deliveries
Live streaming radio with friends, where everyone gets a turn being DJ, no matter where you are in the world.
DoorPi and GongPi
Robot minions that make startup life a bit more whimsical than the usual doorbell and sales gong
Envoy Visitors
Visitor management for the modern front desk. Greet your guests with sleek iPad sign-in and smart security that doesn't intimidate
San Francisco font for Yosemite
There's a new font in town. Replace Helvetica Neue on your Mac with San Francisco, the typeface designed for the Watch
Mint for Bitcoin. Track spending, payments, and balances for all of your wallets across all of your digital currencies
Dogecoin Paper Wallet
The first paper wallet generator designed for Dogecoin, used to safely store coins offline and away from potential hackers
Hack Design
An easy to follow introductory product design course. Over 250,000 students have used the Hack Design lessons, each crafted by an industry leader, to dip their toes into the world of design for the first time, many going on to become professional designers
Share photos instantaneously with family around the world, and mail high-quality photo prints to anyone
Startups, this is how design works
A love letter to the tech industry about why design is more than what meets the eye, and how design is becoming a core competency for successful startups. Used in the RISD curriculum, and shared by millions of people